Maike and YWAM

God gave me the joy and passion to organise and carry out events. After gaining various experience in the area of event management for several years I want to use this passion for his glory. Together with YWAM I want to plan and carry out events where people can get to know Jesus, receive healing and start a new life with Jesus; events, where people get encouraged and enabled to bring change and God is given all glory. Event management and being creative is my way to worship him.


Events, that I was able to be a part of: 

  • Hosting an Outreach Teams from YWAM Lausanne including a sunday service for young adults
  • Graduation of the January DTS 2019 from YWAM Lausanne
  • weekly "Community Night" of the YWAM Lausanne Base 
  • weekly local Outreach in Riponne, YWAM Lausanne
  • Quarterly big local Outreach in Riponne with programme and performances, YWAM Lausanne
  • Regeneration - Outreach as part of the Jazz Festival in Montreux, YWAM Lausanne
  • 50 Year Celebration of YWAM Lausanne, the world wide first YWAM Base! 
  • YWAM Kona Home Coming 2019
  • MEHR Konferenz 2020, Gebetshaus Augsburg
  • AKladies open 2020, Altenkirchen


Testimonies of changed lives after an event

YWAM Kona Home Coming 2019

Celebration - the homecoming event was a wonderful time to celebrate what God did in YWAM/UofN. It was a time of glorifying Him, sitting in his presence and aligning our hearts with His. Especially Thursday was a highlight for me. End Bible Poverty starts in our hearts and It was touching to hear from different people who are involved in that ministry. We live more than 2000 years after Jesus‘ birth and there are still people who do not know Jesus or are able to listen to His Word. The homecoming was a time of remembrance, but also a time of looking into the future with faith. The event encouraged me to dream big, but it also gave confirmation for my path in life where I am at now. Thank you to all people who where involved at this event!

The Send 2019 Orlando