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I am happy for every single prayer. You can find recent prayer requests on the right below the prayer box and in my newsletter. Every prayer causes change and encouragement.  


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My heart jumps excited over postcards, letters and packages. If you want to send me sth just use the address below. 


YWAM Lausanne

Maike Rose


Mehlbaumstraße 57

72458 Albstadt


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About every other month I send my Newsletter with the latest updates. To subscribe just send me a message with your email and the hint Newsletter. 

As a missionary i am financially carried by a group of people that support me. These people come for all my costs of living just as rental fee, insurance, provision, travel expenses, expenses for outreaches, hygiene products and pocket money. For me this is a completely new experience. But God called me to the missions field and i trust him, that he will provide for me in my duty by people like you. 

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Hopefully coming soon :)




Via my Paypal-Me Link you can send money directly to me. Use the option gift for a friend to not have any fees (there might me a fee for currency exchange though).

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On demand i will send you my data. This option is most suitable for regular support. 

For other currencies then € its best to use TransferWise